Smiiiles Supports Crime Stoppers in Partnership

Crime Stoppers is a community crime solving and prevention service that involves a partnership between Crime Stoppers Queensland Limited (Crime Stoppers), the Queensland Police Service, the media and the public.

Queensland is one of the most decentralised states in Australia with a widely dispersed population. The Crime Stoppers program provides an avenue for the community as a whole to assist police, and other community agencies, to solve crimes and ultimately make Queensland a safer place.

Crime Stoppers Queensland Limited is a registered charity and community volunteer organisation, led by a volunteer Board of Directors who take great pride in the achievements of the program whilst leading, managing and coordinating strategic planning and performance.

The vision of Crime Stoppers is a safe empowered and engaged community.

The purpose of Crime Stoppers is to engage the community, to encourage the provision of information that supports the Queensland Police Service, and other community agencies, in solving and preventing crime.

In 2015 alone, our program led to 2,622 offenders being arrested on 7,119 charges.

Queensland is unique to most other Australian States and Territories in that the program is supported by 31 local Volunteer Area Committees. Queensland’s’ continued success is due to the commitment of our 600+ volunteers.

The key feature of the Crime Stoppers program is the anonymity offered to information providers.

Read more about Crime Stoppers in Queensland at where you can report anonymous information, read of our successes and campaigns and learn more about volunteering.

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