Smiiiles Supports CQ Rescue in Partnership


Since 1996, RACQ CQ Rescue has been providing rapid response critical care and aeromedical retrieval services to a 300km radius from Mackay in Central Queensland, 24/7, 365 days a year. The necessity for this service is obvious with the number of missions also increasing considerably each year.

What hasn’t changed is our vital need for community support and funding as well as communication and engagement with the public and stakeholders. Without their help, we literally couldn’t get off the ground. The costs of keeping our aircraft operational and the crew fully equipped, on standby and ready to go to the aid of people who find themselves in need of emergency medical care is forever increasing and we need the communities support. You never know when you will need us.

RACQ CQ Rescue – Your lifeline when you need it most

Learn more about CQ Rescue here.

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