Smiiiles Licenses

With more than three million dollars invested in developing the Smiiiles Platform, full testing was completed with enormous success. Over 11,000 cards were issued during the test trial, resulting in several thousand transactions with 50+ merchants. The trial was a great success and helped identify some areas that were improved in delivering a real time solution to merchants and users.

We are now in pre-launch and preparing to roll out in rural and country areas nation wide. We are constantly looking for licensees and agents to help us rollout the Smiiiles opportunity throughout Australia. We are also looking at opportunities in overseas countries.

Smiiiles is more than just a points based loyalty rewards program, it is a real time cash rebate community program. It can rival the major players in the market based on the advanced platform it has been built on. The Smiiiles platform can support thousands of businesses and millions of transactions at the same time.

What makes it so powerful is that Smiiiles works in real time with real money being rebated back into cardholder’s accounts. Cardholders can accumulate Smiiiles and spend them at our merchants. When Smiiiles are being redeemed across any of the participating merchants, real money is settled into merchant bank accounts for the redemption purchases made. Merchants using the Smiiiles platform receive 10% of all Smiiiles earned on cards they issue, creating an income for them and offsetting the rebate they give.

Smiiiles creates a real WIN WIN WIN WIN for Card Users, Businesses, Charity and the Community.

This is an amazing opportunity for you to get in early and secure your preferred territory, state or even country and build an amazing business for your future. This is a very rare and limited offer to create a long-term residual income for business owners.

Licenses for Territories start from $35K all inclusive and includes a significant prize pool including new cars, marketing and advertising budget, full support, training, and initial merchant kits for rollover. If you are interested in a city, state, or country license we welcome your inquiry.

Please email us at for more information.